Application Management

We offer Corrective, Adaptive and Evolutionary maintenance services for application solutions.
The service covers the activation of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) management performed in following steps:
  • Definition of key indicators and related algorithms;
  • Activation of a trouble ticketing solution for the effective management of error messages and intervention requests;
  • Implementation of a KPI reporting system;
  • Establishment of threshold values;
  • Monitoring of relevant performance indicators.

The structure dedicated to these services is able to meet highest customers, expectations thanks to a consolidated and flexible methodology of managing the entire life cycle of applications which is easily adaptable to any type of technological and application platform.


Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance service concentrates on diagnosis as well as removal of causes and effects (in functionalities, user interfaces and databases) of any malfunctions of procedures and programs in operation. The service covers also the alignment of user documentation.

The service is triggered by an indication of an obstacle in the usage of the application or one or more of its functions.

Malfunctions encountered due to defects in the source code or in the format specifications of data bases are solved by repairing the source code.

Malfunctions caused by technical errors, operational errors or as a result of integration with other systems (for example interruption of connectivity, improper use of functions, etc.), involve support of a diagnostic processes and solution by the adequate structures.

    The following activities are included in Corrective Maintenance service:

  • • Systemic and specialist product expertise for the correct resolution of the malfunction;
  • • Database administration for the correct identification and resolution of irregularities;
  • • Support during the test phase carried out in test environment;
  • • Support for the installation of the solution release in a production environment.

Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive Maintenance

The Adaptive Maintenance ensures the constant adjustment of procedures and programs to the technological evolution of the information system and to further changes (e.g: organizational, regulatory, environmental).

The Adaptive Maintenance interventions are commonly triggered by:

  • • Changes in environment conditions (for example changes in the number of users, improvement in performance, increase of database size, etc.)
  • • Update of software versions;
  • • Introduction of new products or new ways of managing the systems;
  • • Platform migration;
  • • Non functional changes of applications (e.g. change of titles on masks, etc.);
  • • Regulatory adjustments concerning the technological environment.

Evolutionary Maintenance

Evolutionary Maintenance

The Evolutionary Maintenance introduces new functions and/or the modifications of existing functions of applications related to the service.

The Evolutionary Maintenance service predicts the modification, development and / or integration of software and related documentation in order to meet the following requirements:

  • • Business;
  • • Organizational;
  • • Operational;
  • • of a legal, fiscal and/or normative nature.

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