System & Data Administration

Nowadays, when the markets are extremely globalized companies compete strongly in the fields of quality and timeliness of decisions to be taken. The strategic advantage is to analyze quickly and know your own story to build your future.

Following the consideration saying that "Data is the oil of the 21st century", decisions supported by the data can give a company a strong competitive advantage, allowing it to adapt more effectively to changing market conditions..

System Administration and Data Governance that establish rules of system management and data processing are no longer just a task of the IT structure but have become a crucial part of a business strategy.

Analyzing data in an effective manner as well as taking timely actions is fundamental for the proper functioning of the entire organization.

The appropriate System Administration and Data Governance lie at the beginning of valuable business opportunities such as increasing revenue, reducing costs and improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Our main challenge is to convince companies to consider the infrastructure and data no longer as a "cost center" but as a "profit center".
We are able to propose effective models of System Administration and Data Governance focusing on managing rules, processes, methodologies and information technologies.


Database Administration

Database Administration

Our Database Architects and Database Administrators, apply appropriate and proven strategies that ensure the security, scalability and reliability of databases. They oversee the design and migration of complex systems and applications. They are skilled on different technological platforms present in most systems of modern companies.

Database Security

Database Security

Information security is a top priority in companies’ systems management strategies.
Our professionals are able to support companies in the definition and implementation of appropriate security policies. We work in compliance with the new European directives for data protection (GDPR).

Data Governance

Data Governance

The use of adequate Data Modeling and Data Governance tools allows to control processes having a continuous monitoring of services. It offers a sophisticated support for strategic business decisions to management.
Our professionals can give a valid help in creating the conditions for both managers of the business and information systems working together and sharing Data Integration and Data Quality criteria.


Data Analysis

Thanks to a deep knowledge of BI tools and business processes, our Data Analysts can help in implementing advanced systems for collecting, processing and analyzing data.
Among the key elements in this field are: Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Data Auditing and Data Testing.

Scheduling Management

Scheduling Management

The evolution of business models and the complexity of systems management processes oblige companies to equip themselves with specialized structures being able to manage operations in 24/7 mode. Our scheduling management specialists take care of managing the automation of workloads and the management of processing flows with the most widespread technologies on the market, allowing a significant reduction in costs and ensuring full control over the activities and compliance with SLAs.


  • Oracle
  • MySql
  • Sql Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • DB2
  • Exadata
  • Cassandra
  • Mongo
  • Hbase
  • Elastic
Business Intelligence
  • Tabloo
  • Qlik
  • SAP BO
  • SAS


  • Tivoli
  • Oscon

Data Governance

Data Governance
  • Erwin
  • Trifacta
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder
  • Oracle Data Integrator

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